Ben Towers

Award winning Entrepreneur & TV Personality

Based in Kent, England


Ben Towers has been named by Richard Branson as “one of the UKs most exciting entrepreneurs” and at only 18 years old he runs a successful marketing agency (Zest The Agency) working with leading brands all over the world and housing a team of 35. Ben was named by The Times at the top of their Super Teen Power List in the world and is an experienced public speaker and regularly on TV promoting young people in business.


"I started my first business aged 11 after a family friend challenged me to build her a website. Since then I have gone to grow the business and have the opportunity to work with companies from all over the world."



Ben started off building websites for small businesses at the age of 11.
He would learn from online videos how to implement each feature as
the client would request them.

2009 — 2011


A digital marketing agency working with brands to help them build their
image and tell their story to the next generation. The company has 22 staff worldwide.

2011 — APRIL 2017


A new innovative social media management tool helping business manage all
of their social media accounts from one central tool and find the ROI. #BarkingSoon


Ben Towers

Ben is actively consulting for businesses all over the world and public speaking at
events telling them his inspirational story and sharing on his experiences and advice.

2015 — PRESENT

Zest The AGency

As part of the Towers Design growth strategy Ben merged with Zest The Agency to create
what is now Kent's largest digital agency working with clients like Virgin, Expedia and more.

2017 — PRESENT



Bullies Out provides help, support and information to individuals, schools, the
workplace, youth and the community about bullying and how it can be prevented.


Young Enterprise

Young Enterprise is the UK’s leading charity that empowers young people to harness
their personal and business skills. Empowering a generation to learn, work and live.


Dogs Trust

The charity rehabilitates and finds new homes for dogs which have been abandoned
or given up by their owners as well as providing support for dog owners.


Young Start-up Talent

Young Start-Up Talent is a CIC helping young people learn about business and enterprise though a dragons den style pitch. Ben used to be an ambassador and director.

DEC 15 - Dec 16


"Ben has been voted the UK's most successful Young Entrepreneur for great reasons. Whilst at my show 'The Great British Business Show' he more than fitted in amongst some of the UK's fastest growing Business Owners and held the floor brilliantly whilst conducting 2 insightful seminars in front of packed audiences who showed fantastic admiration to hear him.  He is one to watch, has a great future in front of him and commands great respect whilst in his presence."
- Daniel Rogers, Prysm Group

"Ben is testament that formal education is not necessarily the best route for everyone... one of UK’s most exciting entrepreneurs" - Richard Branson


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