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Multi-Award Winning 18 Year Old Young Entrepreneur

Meet "one of the UK’s most influential entrepreneurs*"

Ben Towers started in business aged 11 after a family friend challenged him to build them a website. Now aged 18 he has already accomplished in business what most would struggle to do at all in their life. Following Ben's success, he has been invited to share his story as a keynote speaker at some of the world's largest conferences, appear on radio shows all around the globe and star in numerous TV shows (most notably BBC Breakfast and CBBC show Pocket Money Pitch).

Ben's original business, Towers Design (a digital media marketing agency) is still going from strength to strength and now has a team of 22 working for large brands all over Europe and America. Towers Design works with companies and brands who want to update their image and digital design and then translate that change into a fully comprehensive marketing campaign targeting young people.

The young entrepreneur uses his extensive network, experience and creativity to consult in businesses of all sizes helping them appeal to millennials and also work on the technical side of the business to ensure it is as innovative and current as possible. 

'Ben has been voted the UK's most successful Young Entrepreneur for great reasons. Whilst at my show 'The Great British Business Show' he more than fitted in amongst some of the UK's fastest growing Business Owners and held the floor brilliantly whilst conducting 2 insightful seminars in front of packed audiences who showed fantastic admiration to hear him.  He is one to watch, has a great future in front of him and commands great respect whilst in his presence.'

- Daniel Rogers, Prysm Group - organises of The Business Show

  • 2nd September 1998
    Ben was born!

  • 2009 (aged 11)
    Ben accepted a challenge to build a website and then began freelancing online.

  •  2011 (aged 13)
    Ben Towers Website Design (BTWD) was formed!

  • 2012 (aged 14)
    BTWD was re-branded into Towers Design. A fast growing digital marketing agency. At this time Ben has 15 freelancers working in the business.

  • 2013 (aged 15)
    Social Marley was invented!

  • 2014 (aged 16)
    Towers Design started grew very fast and by this time 8 of the freelancers were working full time.

  • 2015 (aged 16)
    Towers Design grew to a team of 15 and Social Marley was launched.

  • 2016 (aged 17)
    Towers Design team now 19 full time with over 1300 clients.

  • 2016 (aged 17)
    Ben was named at by The Times as the most powerful teenager on the planet by topping their super teen power list.

  • 2016 (aged 18)
    Towers Design began a major transformation project involving employing staff, management and rebrand the business and offering.

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